2 DIY Face Masks To Try This Fall

Chloe Becker

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We're waving bye-bye to the heat of summer and saying hello to fall. But a change in weather also means it's time to change up our beauty routines. We've put together two easy face masks to help your skin stay hydrated as it gets chillier outside.

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You may want to get a pen and paper out (or open Notes on your phone) to jot down the long list of ingredients for our first mask: cucumber. That's it, that's the mask. DIY products are often better for those of us with sensitive skin, but this simple cosmetic lowers the chances of irritated skin or nasty reactions even more!

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Just grab 2-3 cucumbers, cut them, and blend them. You can also add in honey or aloe vera for a moisturizing boost. This natural cosmetic is a great pick if you're struggling with puffiness or dryness. Cucumbers are filled with water that can help hydrate your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.

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All you need for our next DIY recommendation is turmeric and yogurt. This delicate mask can help maintain that shining, luminous summer glow you may have been working. "Turmeric is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that even out skin tone and gives you a healthy glow," explains dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo.

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Using Turmeric on your skin is a win-win. The colorful spice has antioxidants to boost your natural shine. It also has antibacterial properties so it can help keep bacteria away from your skin. Say bye-bye to acne from that reusable face mask you forgot to wash! For best results, mix the turmeric with Greek or non-flavored yogurt.

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While the turmeric enhances your skin's brightness, the yogurt moisturizes your skin. An added bonus? "This mask will last up to a week in the fridge," says Dr. Marina Peredo. So you can make one big batch that'll last you multiple uses. We love a good trick for working smarter, not harder.