Ari Reveals New Details About R.E.M. Beauty


| LAST UPDATE 11/09/2021

By Chloe Becker
R.E.M. Beauty Ariana Grande
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Get ready because our 21st century Pop Princess is about to give us the makeup products of our dreams. Ariana Grande recently talked all things R.E.M. Beauty, from what inspired the name of her upcoming brand to which cosmetic she's most excited about. Here are all of the details.

Grande's makeup line will soon be here to give us all a little autumn glow-up. In typical Ari fashion, the products are ethical - AKA vegan and cruelty-free - and aesthetically pleasing. "It's futuristic, but also nostalgic," the singer shared of the merch's packaging. "I wanted it to look like it could have been a prop on Star Trek, Barbarella, Star Wars, or Black Mirror. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi horror. I like the idea of [the packaging] transporting us to another time."

R.E.M. beauty sneak peek
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While R.E.M. will take beauty lovers into a futuristic world, Ariana revealed that work on the makeup line began a few years back. She started developing products in 2019 during the Sweetener World Tour. And this boss babe tested her products while performing! Talk about a multi-tasking queen. "It was very secretive," Grande explained. "The fact that we were able to test the highlight on stage and make notes on the formula was just so cool."

R.E.M. Beauty new details
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And, of course, the brand is named after one of the hit songs on the Sweetener album: R.E.M. Lucky for us, Ari didn't hold back in explaining why she named the line after that specific track. "I feel like that song really encompasses a lot of my favorite parts of my sound phonetically," the 28-year-old detailed. "Also, with rapid eye movement and focusing on dreams, eyes are our most effective communicators."

R.E.M. Beauty first drop
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She continued, "You can say more with the way that you look at someone than you can with words sometimes. They're what we use to dream and rest, and so much beauty happens there. We really wanted to focus on eyes for our main drop." R.E.M. Beauty's first launch includes a dozen eye and lip products, with clever names like On Your Collar Plumping Lip Gloss and Interstellar Highlighter Topper (IYKYK).

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And just when we thought this peek into Ari's latest endeavor couldn't get any better, the icon revealed what her fave products from this first drop are. "I think I'm most excited for everyone to try my favorite combination: the Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker and Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss," she said. "I was always desperately trying to find the perfect lip stain. When we developed this one, I was really proud."

Needless to say, we're totally freaking. You can shop that killer combo and more come November 12 on the brand's official website.