Ashley Graham's Game-Changing Beauty Hack

Genevieve Scott

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With all of this newfound free time on our hands, you can bet our quarantined selves are going, um, a little bit crazy. No? Just me? Regardless of how you're handling these trying times, this A-list beauty hack is about to change your makeup game forever.

You're welcome.

Instagram via @ashleygraham

Wait, it appears you should be thanking Ashley Graham instead. The Hollywood bombshell just took to her IGTV to share her 'quick and easy' beauty look, and you'll officially never have to buy a lip liner again. Seriously.

"I take an eyebrow pencil and shade out my lips... this is why people think I have lip injections," the model revealed.

Instagram via @ashleygraham

That's right, guys. Thanks to the A-list goddess' crafty little hack, our days of shelling out all of that money on those promising Sephora lip kits are long gone - and we couldn't be happier!

Now, all that's missing is a nice Zoom date to show off our glammed-out look. Any takers?