“Aussie Rapunzel” Reveals Secret to Long Hair


| LAST UPDATE 06/07/2022

By Lia Thomson
aussie rapunzel hair hacks
Instagram via @theaussierapunzel

Many influencers have shared their tips and trick to getting perfectly shiny and long locks. But now, one Australian TikToker has gone viral for her crazy long hair. Sydney has even dubbed herself "The Aussie Rapunzel!" Thankfully the 23-year-old doesn't gatekeep, and she's been giving her followers the inside scoop on how she achieved unbelievable look. Here's her routine.

Sydney has a specific hair care regime that helps promote hair growth. The first step is she applies a generous amount of rosemary oil to her scalp before going in with scalp massage to ensure the product gets penetrated for optimal results. While there are numerous oils to choose from, Sydney opts for rosemary because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn promotes nerve growth and improves circulation. This is typically done before bed, so the oil has a lot of time to do its magic. But before jumping into her bed, Sydney ties her hair (gently) into a low bun and wraps it in a silk turban.

long hair tiktok hacks
@theaussierapunzel via Instagram
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Although her oil routine is essential, the Aussie native also makes sure to advise her followers on having a good shampoo and conditioner. "If you have super oily hair, you might be shampooing incorrectly," the TikToker warned. She added that directly applying shampoo to the ends of the hair can cause breakage. Instead, she focuses on massaging the product into her scalp before letting it naturally fall through the rest of the mane. This will "break down all oils and dirt," so your hair can be cleaner for more time. "A lot of people don't do this, but it's such a simple thing that can be a game-changer," she said.

@theaussierapunzel My bedtime hair routine #asmr #hairroutine #longhair ♬ original sound - The Aussie Rapunzel

Her hacks, when it comes to conditioner, may sound simple, but their effects work wonders. Before applying the smoothing product, Sydney says we should completely "ring out" any water on the hair, giving the conditioner an easier way to "penetrate" the hair so it can be "soft and silky." "I also leave my conditioner on for at least three minutes," she added in her video. Try these hacks and check out even more tips for shiny hair here!

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