Beautiful Yet Simple Hairstyles You Can Achieve in a Matter of Minutes

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As we get ready to transition from fall to winter, it's the perfect time to play around with some new hairstyles. Since so many of us are swamped with school, work, and other responsibilities, we're here to give you some ideas to spice up your style without the time commitment.

Simple Hairstyles This Season
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The first look we've got only takes a couple of minutes and doesn't require any hot tools. Start by sectioning off the top layer of your hair, or even just the front section. Twist the hair and form it into a topknot, then either pin it in place or use a hair tye.

Simple Hairstyles This Season
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Next, we've got some beautifully simple beach waves, which are far easier to achieve than you may have thought. Start by heating up a curling iron - any barrel width will do. Part your hair the way you like it, and then wrap a small piece at a time around the iron and hold for 5-10 seconds, depending on how tight you want the curl to be.

Simple Hairstyles This Season
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If you're short on time, just focus on the front and top layers, and the rest will blend in. Give the curls a good spray, and even run your fingers through your hair if you prefer looser waves. If curly hair isn't exactly your style, and you'd rather have your luscious locks away from your face, then a slicked-back ponytail could be the way to go!

Simple Hairstyles This Season
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Brush your hair back into a ponytail to smooth out the top, and then secure it in a hair tye. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your perfect pony like Ariana Grande, simply take a small section of the ponytail, wrap it around the hair tye, and secure it with a clip underneath.

Simple Hairstyles This Season
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To avoid any hairs getting out of place when you leave the house, use a generous amount of hairspray, and that gorgeous ponytail can stay put for days! Whether you prefer curly, straight, or anything in between, give these simple hairstyles a try, and see which is your favorite!