Blush Hack: How to Get a Natural Face-Lift!


| LAST UPDATE 04/14/2023

By Christiana Holland
Hailey Bieber makeup hack
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We can't stop blushing! Maybe it's the overload of compliments, and you can thank the following top tips on how to create a natural face-lift look using one simple makeup item. That's right; blush has way more uses than just adding a pop of pink to our cheeks. Let's take a look.

As the warm spring days are upon us, we're all about living for that natural and glowy subtle makeup look. That typically comes along with some golden yet simple eyeshadow swooshes, a light mascara - but enough to make the lashes lift - and a nice natural glossy lip might do the trick. But now, we're giving you our favorite and latest hack using blush! According to Vogue, the secret formula for blush activates a soft and dewy look to anyone's face! But there are some steps to carry out before following through. First things first, it's all about hydration. Start by applying an extra layer of skin cream before applying the blush while the skin is still wet. This will add a softer layer to the face for undeniably gorgeous complexions!

natural blush makeup hack
@naokoscintu via Instagram
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When it comes to choosing your shade of blush, never use one that is more than two or three shades darker than your natural tone. This will only cause difficulty when it comes to blending everything in, and who wants that? The lighter option usually offers a fair and cool complexion, like a baby pink or peachy color, to create a warmer overall aesthetic. It's a head-turner, for sure. Remember, a little goes a long way. As long as the skin is prepared, using creams like Rare Beauty's Melting Cream or Benefit's Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain is perfect for the non-cosmetic appearance. When it comes to blending, using our hands is sometimes better than any beauty blender or blush brush. Using the fingers really allows us to feel the motion of blush against our cheeks for the perfect lift. Blend in a circular motion and conceal either side around the nose to avoid discoloration. Plus, there's never any harm in adding a dash of blush on the bridge of the nose, giving an effortless summer feeling and effect. To finish off the look, cream highlighter accentuates any blush that has been used. The RMS Bruaty Living Luminizer is just one example of perfection at our fingertips. A few subtle drops on our cheekbones offer a light-catching glow.

There are various products to use to achieve this eye-catching and effortless face-lift look, although these are just a few favorites. Finding the perfect shade and product all comes down to what feels right on your face, but trust us and follow these steps to define your features that little bit extra. Summer, we're ready for you!

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