Chocolate Brunette: Winter's Latest Hair Craze


| LAST UPDATE 12/12/2022

By Christiana Holland
hailey bieber brunette hair
@haileybieber via Instagram

If you thought blondes have more fun, wait until you get a load of this. Hair color can represent a lot of things. From a change in energy or personality, a new year, or simply seasonal. However, hairstylists have dabbled upon which hair color reigns over the others, especially as the temperatures change. Here's the full scoop.

You might have stumbled across many of your friends and their brand-new blonde balayage in the summer. Sure, those whispy honey tones might have blown you away, but summer only lasts so long. (We, by any means, are not shaming those who embrace lighter appearances, especially in the scorching sun!) How can you resist that golden hour moment? But still, while we enter winter, it is becoming more reckoned with that hair color should (open to preference) match the season. It's all in the air, and your mood can reflect through your hair. Nicola Clarke, a blonde expert and A-list colorist from London, told Harper's Bazaar, "I find that people are steering away from the Californian, tousled, beachy hair," and while they're not solely set on the "lightbulb blonde" moment, then it's all about going a "rich, gooey, chocolatey brunette." 

Brunette Chocolate Hair Trend
SGranitz/WireImage via Getty Images
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As seen by some major celebs, some have given in and opted for the solid-chocolate brown look. Look at Hailey Bieber as an example, with her "70% dark chocolate bar of hair" provided by the services of John Frieda. Well, it's got that "high-gloss quality... so shiny it almost looks wet" kind of look. But we are all here for it. When we look at fashion statements these days, we are completely inclined to establish there's been a cultural reset. We are fully embracing the 90s grunge, and anything goes with everything. So, when we take a look at jaw-dropping chocolate hair moments from Winona Ryder, her "soft goth" look seems to be making a return. Given the previous assumption that dark colors have the potential to "wash us out," it's only proving to be the complete opposite. It just comes down to making it work, and trust us, it will. Specifically, for all those blue and green-eyed girls out there, this hair color has the magic to make those eyes really pop! It's all about the high contrast, although this brown shade can be altered to suit whichever skin tone.

We could list all the brunette it-girls at the moment - Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, and even teenage newbie Jenna Ortega, who is sweeping the nation with her Wednesday Addams aesthetic. Clearly, there's so much that can be done with the brunette tone, so come join us on the dark side. We'll be happy to have you.

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