How to Choose the Perfect Blush Color for Your Skin Tone


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2023

By Alyssa Williams
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Blush has been a staple in the beauty world for decades, and its transformative ability to add radiance, warmth, and dimension to the face has made it an essential product in every makeup kit. The market is now inundated with a vast range of blush formulations, from traditional powder blushes to innovative liquid and cream formulas, as well as application techniques that include stippling, tapping, and blending.

Pink has long been the most popular color choice for blush, but the latest hue to gain popularity amongst top makeup artists is peach. The warm-toned shade is now regarded as universally flattering, with experts like Patrick Ta, Melissa Murdick, and Lora Arellano agreeing that it can complement any skin tone. Its versatility makes it an ideal option for those looking for a subtle contouring effect or a pop of color on their cheeks, and it pairs well with a variety of lip and eye makeup looks.

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AOG PIXELS via Pexels
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However, pink blush remains a classic and safe option that suits a wide range of skin tones, from fair to deep. When selecting a suitable shade, it is important to consider your skin tone, the look you want to achieve, and the occasion. For those with fair skin, pale, true pink shades with a cool, blue base are the most suitable, while medium skin tones can opt for pink blush with a peachy base. Purple blush is a less conventional choice, but it can be very flattering on deeper skin tones. For fairer skin tones, a lavender blush will complement the complexion, while medium skin tones should opt for a pinkish-purple hue. Red blush can also be an ethereal and gorgeous choice, depending on the formula used.

Ultimately, makeup is all about personal expression, and your choice of blush color should make you feel confident and beautiful. As Patrick Ta says, "Makeup is about a feeling. As long as the blush makes you feel good about yourself, you can wear it." When selecting a blush color, consider your skin tone, the occasion, and most importantly, what makes you feel your best, as this is the key to achieving a flawless and radiant makeup look. With so many options available in the market, experimenting with different colors and formulas can yield exciting and beautiful results.

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