Demi Makeup: The TikTok Trend That's Actually Worth Trying


| LAST UPDATE 10/23/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Demi Makeup Blemish Imperfections
@erinallan via Instagram

TikTok is always buzzing with the latest beauty trends, and the demi makeup method is the latest to go viral. This technique promises to color-correct and conceal your skin subtly and effectively.

The demi makeup method, or micro-concealing, is a color correction method that uses the color wheel to balance and conceal the skin. It is a more natural-looking approach to makeup than traditional methods, which often involve layering concealer, foundation, and powder. The demi makeup method begins with identifying the different colors on your face. Under the eyes are typically darker, while the apples of the cheeks are typically lighter. To balance these areas, you would apply a peach or light orange tone to the under eyes to brighten them and a darker shade of concealer to the cheeks to darken them.

Demi Makeup TikTok Trend
Erin Wygant via YouTube
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To use the demi makeup method, start by looking at your face without makeup and identifying the areas where you have unwanted darkness or redness, such as your undereyes or blemishes. You can also identify areas where you want to add depth and dimension, such as your cheekbones. Instead of using a lighter color to remove the darkness, look to the color wheel and choose the opposite tone to help brighten and neutralize it. For example, if you have blue under your eyes, you would use a peach or light orange concealer to brighten them. Conversely, if you have redness, you should use a green concealer to cancel it out. Once you have chosen the correct concealers, apply a small amount to the desired areas with a small brush and a very light-handed touch. The goal is to make it look like you are wearing no makeup.

@caralynbroook Traditional illuminator vs your skin’s natural luminosity! ✨ #beautytips #glow #makeup ♬ Countless - BCD Studio

And yes, the demi makeup method can work for acne. To use the demi makeup method for acne, you will need a concealer close to your skin tone and a concealer that is the opposite color of the redness on your face. For example, if you have red pimples, you would use a green concealer to cancel out the redness. Once you have your concealers, apply the green concealer to the red pimples. It’s simply too easy!

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