People Are Putting Diaper Cream on Their Zits - Here’s Why


| LAST UPDATE 01/28/2022

By Georgina White
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It's safe to say most of us are guilty of falling down the rabbit hole when it comes to bizarre skincare trends. From turmeric masks to jade face rollers, we're game to try pretty much anything. Which is why when we saw this latest beauty hack we knew we needed to take a closer look. So here's the need-to-know deets about diaper cream zit treatments.

Now, bear with us here... Diaper cream may not seem like the most obvious choice when it comes to dealing with a pesky breakout, but it's certainly grown in popularity as the hottest skin tip to circulate around beauty influencers on Instagram and TikTok. But just to be on the safe side, Byrdie double-checked the facts with three New York City-based dermatology experts: Marnie Nussbaum, Nava Greenfield, and Michelle Henry. So let's see what the ladies had to say about this viral trend. For starters, what's the magic ingredient that makes diaper rash cream the end-all-be-all of beauty secrets? Well, that would be zinc oxide, a mineral that has both anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing properties. It can reduce irritation (on babies' bums or our faces, apparently) and contribute to a glowy complexion!

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But despite the buzz, this trend comes with some warnings. For example, the three dermatologists don't recommend using this spot treatment for more than three consecutive nights. And secondly, it's just that: a spot treatment. These docs certainly didn't recommend using it all over the face. In addition, it's important to note how the mineral will react with other serums and creams in your nightly routine. Dr. Nava Greenfield recommends against pairing it with harsh acids beforehand because it can actually lead to further irritation. Despite the warnings, this trend has really caught wind on TikTok, especially, with big-name beauty gurus giving it the stamp of approval. For example, @nefertiti can't get enough of this hack, comparing its benefits to that of slugging!

@thisisnefertiti Wanna try slugging but have acne? TRY THIS INSTEAD! #skincarehacks #acnetreatment #vaseline #skintok #skincareroutine #slugging #fyp ♬ Intimidated (feat. H.E.R.) - KAYTRANADA

You can check out all the great things she has to say about it in her TikTok above. And be sure to check back soon for more beauty hacks!

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