DIY Sunburn Remedies for Summer 2020

Luna Dawson

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Now that Memorial Day Weekend has passed, we've officially said hello to summertime, but does that mean it's sunburn season too? It's many of our first time basking in the sun in quite a while, so it's best to be prepared for potential nasty sunburns.


If you find yourself burning up after a beach day, start by applying something cool on your skin, like a cold compress, or even take a cold shower. If this doesn't do the trick, try spreading some yogurt on the burnt area, as it's said to soothe the heat given the high pH level.

Another sunburn remedy is a teabag, but not a hot one, of course. Soak it in cold water and dab it on your burn, and the tannic acid could help relieve some of the burning sensations.


If these tricks don't work, pull a cucumber out of the refrigerator and either slice it like you'd do in a spa, or mash it up. Either way, you can apply it directly to your skin for a refreshing feeling of relief.