A ‘Euphoria’ Beauty Line Is on the Way!


| LAST UPDATE 02/22/2022

By Peral Simons
Euphoria Jules Makeup Inspiration
HBO/Kobal via Shutterstock

Most of us are already obsessed with Euphoria. From the fashion to the makeup looks, the show has it all - a true feast for the eyes. And while we sit watching the show amidst our less-so-glamorous lives, we're desperately wondering where and how we can join in on the Euphoria magic! Well, wonder no more. Allow us to introduce to you a new makeup brand, created by the one and only Donniella Davy - the makeup artist for the Euphoria cast. Here's what we know.

The line, which is named Half Magicwas officially announced by Davy herself in an Instagram post. "For the past two years and while filming Season 2, I've been secretly working on creating the makeup line of my literal DREAMS", the Emmy award-winning makeup artist gushed. While the MUA didn't reveal too much yet about the brand, the Half Magic website teases "space cowboy, glitter queen, the belle of the ball and neon boy next door" vibes. 

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Rumor has it the brand will be split into two categories - one with more universal shades and the other featuring the bright shades we know and love from the show. Famous for her Euphoria eyeshadow looks, we can only imagine (or hope) she will have some incredible eye shadow pallets for us to gush over. But if that hasn't sold you, Davy explained on her Half Magic Instagram page that the brand will be working with Euphoria's production house, A24. It doesn't get more official than that. Rumored to be dropping in May, you'll be stepping out with Maddy's sharp-winged eyeliner or Cassie's rhinestone/eyeshadow combination in no time!

Euphoria Makeup, Donni Davy
@donni.davy via Instagram

Doniella has always had a great connection with Euphoria fans, often using her social media to give viewers behind the scene photos and videos of the latest make-up looks or tutorials so fans can create their own Euphoria looks from home - sparkle, glitter, and all. Creating her own brand, with the show's backing, is the perfect next step for the star and a great way to ensure her followers are with her for the long haul. While we anxiously await the release, check out these Euphoria fashion looks that also have Twitter buzzing. Until next time, stay tuned...

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