Experts Reveal the Best Makeup Looks for Your Age


| LAST UPDATE 03/10/2022

By Lia Thomson
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There are a million and one different ways for us to do our makeup. But did you know that every age should be applying their products differently? Beauty experts have revealed what will look the best for those who are in their 20s - up to those who are in their 50s. Makeup artist and creator of Laura Kay London, Laura Kay, explained to FEMAIL, "It is important to adopt your makeup and beauty regime with the passing of time to look and feel your best self." Here are her tips.

The expert said, "To look your best, you should follow a set of rules for makeup application, not only to look younger but also to compliment you gracefully depending on whether you are twenty or sixty." Those who are in their 20s one might assume that it's the best time to be bold and try new things, but Kay actually said they should be doing the opposite. Especially when it comes to skincare. Taking care of your skin at a young age will definitely prove to be beneficial years later.

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But when it comes to makeup, you can play around a little more. "Depending on your skin type in your 20s you could go for a dewy finish or more of a matte look, you could try Armani Luminous Silk for a nice glow, and you could use Laura Mercier Translucent powder on top of this to set the foundation & give a matte appearance," said Kay. Once your base is finished, move on to the eyebrows and the eye area. The less product, the better, the makeup artist shared, "It is all about a soft fluffy eyebrow, adding subtle definition. A good tip is to add liner inside the eye to make the eyes pop."

Because a 20-year-old's skin is still full of elasticity and collagen, they have a youthful glow. Meaning, once again, there's no need to go overboard! All they really need is a glowy bronzer to swipe across their cheeks and a touch of highlighter on the upper cheekbone area. This is bound to, "compliment and flatter. A nice peach glow on your cheeks is the perfect colour to suit you at this age." Lastly, for lips, opt for a shiny lipgloss with a hint of pink or a lip stain to give a pop of color. Check out Laura Kay's Instagram for more tips.

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