Experts Spill J.Lo's Eyebrow Secrets


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2022

By Peral Simons
Hybrid Brow Jennifer Lopez
Theo Wargo/WireImage via Getty Images

It's hard to miss them. Every day, our social media and news platforms are being flooded with more and more pictures of the newlyweds, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, blissfully in love. But perhaps what stands out to us more than their happiness is J.Lo's on-point eyebrows! Not too thin, not too thick, they are the perfect natural brows, now viewed in the beauty world as the 'ideal' eyebrow look. So, what's her secret to achieving them? Celebrity brow stylist Robin Evans is telling us everything we need to know. 

"Jennifer Lopez has always had beautiful brows, and like herself, her brows have a presence," Evans said to Town and Country Magazine. J.Lo has bounced back and forth between thick and thin brows throughout her career. Now, with what Evans refers to as the "hybrid brow," they're something in the middle of the two extremes. "J.Lo's hybrid brows are very natural with a soft arch. They're also a little shorter than most people would think, and she fills them in to taper them and give them length," she spilled.

Hybrid Brow Robin Evans
@robinevansbrows via Instagram
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In the age of post-covid beauty, people want easy and quick looks, which they can achieve with fewer products and less effort. With this has come the newfound popularity of the natural brow. In reference to the hybrid component, Evans added, "they're feathery with dimension, but not so feathery that they appear too long or editorial. And they're filled in to enhance sparseness or hair strokes, but not in a way that makes it too saturated with pigment. Additionally, it takes components of full micro-bladed and feathered laminated brows but gives off an overall more subtle appearance."

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A pencil and some clear gel will be all you need to achieve this look on your own. For the pencil, Evans recommends one which is not too creamy due to its high pigmentation. For the gel, it all depends on the hold strength that you want. For a soft hold, she suggests Kosas' Air Brow or Glossier's Boy Brow; for solid yet flexible, go for Patrick Ta's Major Brow Shaping Wax, and for ultimate strength, try Kybrow by Kylie Jenner. But if you're just not a make-up fan, conditioner or moisturizer in the brows can ensure healthy brow hair growth! 

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