Extra Spooky Makeup Looks To Spice up Your Halloween Costume

Luna Dawson

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With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start putting together an epic costume. While wardrobe is certainly an essential part of any look, we've decided to focus on some standout makeup for the spookiest day of the year, that can be done using the products you already have at home.

Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Our first look transports you straight into the jungle, with a gorgeous set of leopard print eyes. Rather than wearing a mask with the pattern, why not draw it yourself to truly encapsulate the look? Using brown eyeliner, draw some leopard spots all over your lid. Next, outline each spot with black eyeliner, and voila, you're a beautiful creature right out of the jungle.

Halloween Makeup Ideas
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The next look stemmed from the classic devil character, but we're taking it to a whole new level. Start by applying red eyeshadow to your lid, then add a defined crease with a darker red shade. Use lipstick to add some horns above your eyebrow; Either above one or both eyes.

Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Now it's time to get really spooky, with this Frankenstein-inspired makeup. To depict the character's transition from human to monster, we're going with half Frankenstein and half glamourous. Apply green face paint to one side of your face, then outline this section with fake blood or red eyeliner. Add some stitches to the border with black and white eyeliner and create a classic smokey eye, using green shades.

Halloween Makeup Ideas
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The last look we want to show you is a creepy spider, emerging right from your face. Start by applying your usual face makeup as a base. Then add a dark smokey eye, with a hint of green or red, using bottom eyeliner. Then use black and white eyeliner to add the spider's legs, and you'll have your friends thinking there's an actual spider on your face!

Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Whether you're going the spooky route or prefer something vibrant and sparkly, with some extra focus on your Halloween makeup, you're sure to wow your friends with your costume this year!