Flawless Skin in Seconds: TikTok's Latest Concealer Hack


| LAST UPDATE 06/14/2023

By Alyssa Williams
summer foundation TikTok hack
BOOM via Pexels

TikTok has been a go-to platform for beauty enthusiasts worldwide, and it's no surprise that users have found ways to simplify their makeup routine during the summer heat. A new viral trend on the app is called the "concealer hack," which is said to provide full coverage without the heavy feel of foundation.

The method involves applying concealer in specific areas: a T-shape on the forehead, an upside-down V under the eyes, and a tick mark from the nose to the cheekbone. Once blended together, you'll have natural, dewy skin with impressive coverage. Many TikTokers, including @makeup, Yen, Christen Dominique, and Deborah Ruiz, have tried and loved this trick, and it's easy to see why. The minimal amount of concealer used means you hardly feel like you're wearing any makeup at all, and the texture doesn't settle into fine lines or skin texture. Plus, it lasts all day - even in sweaty areas.

TikTok makeup beauty hack
TikTok via @christendominique
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However, there are some downsides to this hack. Without the nuance of foundation, it can erase your contours and make your skin appear flat. So beauty experts recommend following up with blush or bronzer to bring some life back into your face. But, the "concealer hack" targets areas prone to redness and discoloration and is effective for summer use. It's the perfect solution for those who hate wearing heavy makeup in warm weather. By using only a small amount of product, you can achieve great coverage and a natural finish. Since the hack was shared on TikTok, several social media users have given the hack a try and were impressed with the results. Drawing the T-shape onto their foreheads first, they found the concealer easy to blend out and provide great coverage. However, some did notice that the hack took away any nuance in their faces and made their skin appear flat. So, it's recommended following up with blush or bronzer.

@christendominique New concealer placement 🚨Try this!🤯 The smallest amount of concealer but full coverage 🫶 Concealer @Dominique Cosmetics Wide Awake Full cover concealer Shade: Oat Milk #makeuptutorial #concealerhack #makeup #concealerplacement #fullcoverage #makeuphac ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic - LoES

Long story short, if you're looking to simplify your summer makeup routine, the "concealer hack" may be the answer you've been searching for. Just remember to add some contour back into your face so it doesn't look too flat.

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