Follow These Five Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Here are some important secrets every teen girl should know about beauty.

Wash & Cleanse


Teens are definitely the busiest ones because of school activities and their blooming social lives, duh! This is one of the most basic beauty tips but it does wonders - beauty and skincare begin with a clean face. A routine of cleansing the face every morning and night is a must before sleeping. Make a point of using the right cleanser and moisturizer for your skin.

Bye Foundation, Welcome BB Creams

Teenage tips are carefully mounted on preserving your sensitive and delicate skin. Foundations give too much of a cake look and are a primary cause of breakouts, and acne. To avoid this, use safer products like BB creams which have gotten a lot of good reviews from younger users. Oh, and BB's contain sunscreen. We highly advise this!

Chic with Organic

Teen Vogue

Most teenagers aren't phased but beauty and skincare are very important. Youthful skin might be at its finest but its more prone to irritation and dirt. Using natural products to treat acne and other skin issues is great. For one, you could try used tea bags for rejuvenating eyes (this works like magic) and brown sugar for exfoliating!

Go Easy on Make-up

Yes, putting on makeup is great and it makes you feel confident. However, we can't emphasize enough that youthful skin can't handle strong products sitting on the surface of your skin. Rather take a week of getting rid of what you're trying to hide, rather than making it worse and having to cover it until you grow out of skin breakouts.

Now, how-to-makeup. Keep it balanced. When you want to play with a rainbow of eye shadow colors, maybe try keeping your lipstick shade to a minimum. Plus, keep a young and dewy look for your gorgeous cheeks by choosing a cream blush instead of the powdered one.

Be Beautiful Inside


Eating healthy and keeping some or any sort of exercise routine is surely one of the best tips for you girls. This does not only help you maintain your fitness, but it also provides your face and the body with a natural glow.

All women today probably wished they knew this when they were younger! Good luck girls!