Can Fruit Replace Make-Up? TikTok Thinks So


| LAST UPDATE 07/29/2022

By Peral Simons
fruit makeup tiktok trend
Instagram via @agat_.a

For many, TikTok is a place to dance, joke around and learn a kitchen cleaning hack or two. However, there is a whole other side to TikTok that you won't know until you know. The platform's beauty community is a die-hard group of influencers who will stop at nothing to get the perfect contour or crease cut. It's a serious place where nothing is off limits, and the trends get more wild each day. All it takes is for one influencer to debut their latest beauty hack, and within hours, everyone is obediently giving it a go. Nothing proves this more than the latest 'fruit-for-make-up' hack...

Found yourself in the middle of nowhere with no Sephora in sight? Gone on vacation and forgotten to pack lipstick? No problem! Just rush down to the local grocery store and stock up on some fruit - seriously, hear us out. Beauty influencers are now using actual fruit to replace their favorite make-up products and brushes. We may have also laughed at first, but now we think they might be onto something...

Makeup Beauty Fruit TikTok
@serenalakkiss via TikTok
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One influencer took the cherry-flavored lip balm to a whole new level when she bit into a cherry and began to smear it around her face. @Serenalakkiss took the half-eaten cherry and applied it to her cheeks, nose, and lips, resulting in a natural flush and glow. Exclusively using the fruit and no actual makeup, the cherry's coloring worked wonders on her face and at once did the job of multiple different real products. Think of it this way: cherries are a lot cheaper than even the most affordable makeup brands!

@molchanovamua Reply to @.smilte_slays ♬ Breathe Jordan Nash - Jordan Nash

It's not just Serena that's a fan of fruit beauty. Users cannot get enough, begging her to do a full-face of make-up with a range of fruits. Others have also got in on the fad, using blackberries for eye shadow and lip stains. Ukrainian influencer @molchanovamua showed her followers how a slightly burnt banana could help create the perfect Smokey eye and cat-eye flick. Although we're not sure if we're ready to ditch our traditional make-up just yet, it's certainly worth keeping in the back of our minds for times of need!

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