How To Get Your Feet Camera Ready


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2022

By Peral Simons
Foot Model Beauty Hacks
@ishtarthemoon via Instagram

It's the latest craze: people posting pictures and videos of their feet on the internet and watching the money flow in. There seems to be an overwhelming demand for beautiful feet, and many are fixing up their pedicure schedule in an attempt to supply them. With all the heels we shove our feet into and the physically intense exercises we put them through, it can be challenging to keep them looking fresh and appealing. Whether you want in on this lucrative business or are just looking to feel your best, these tips and tricks will help whip your feet into shape, ensuring they look glamorous from every camera angle...

English model Sundal Roy has been in the foot modeling industry for over ten years, having appeared in shoe campaigns for Camilla Elphick and home of Shoe Heaven, Harrods. She's organized herself a top-level foot care routine to keep them picture perfect. Talking to Elle, she shared her hacks. "In the shower, I'll use a homemade coffee scrub at least twice a week and a pumice stone every other day to remove any hard skin," she explained. Post shower, she'll use a foot file to remove any calloused skin. Then she pushes back her cuticles and moisturizes. 

Foot Dead Skin Hacks via Instagram
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Roy recommends doing a foot mask every two weeks for the souls of your feet. "I just slather on lotion and put cotton socks on overnight. My feet feel super soft in the morning," she noted. She also makes conscious choices for her footwear. "If I'm walking or dancing, then I won't wear uncomfortable shoes," she said. She also avoids any shoes that rub her feet. If it's a pair of new shoes that need to be broken in, she always makes sure to have blister plasters on her. Although make-up artists on sets can cover up a bruise or mark effectively, scabs cannot be touched up. She warned that this could cause you to lose out on a modeling job!

Perhaps it's no surprise that Roy believes in doing her own pedicures. After applying a cuticle softener to dissolve any dead skin, she pushes them back and then uses trimmers to remove any excess. She uses nail scissors or a coarse grit file for shortening her nails and then applies a sanding block to smooth them. Then she applies a base coat. Her polish of choice? Morgan Taylor's In The Nude.

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