Givenchy Makeup's Creative Director Teases New Era


| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2022

By Lia Thomson
givenchy makeup thom walker
@thom.walker via Instagram

Givenchy Makeup officially has a new creative director: Thom Walker. He has been a lover of beauty and makeup since a young age, and now he's ready to put all that experience into the Givenchy Makeup brand! Here's how.

Walker's been in the industry for nearly 10 years, working on editorials for numerous campaigns. During his career, he's worked with famed photographers, like Paolo Roversi and many esteemed designers, such as Molly Goddard. His years of hard work are paying off because, in his new role as creative director, Walker will get the chance to manage everything from innovative campaigns to product expansion. Walker explained to Vogue that he was working with the makeup brand MAC when he first got introduced to editorial work. "It was around 2008—the Boombox era—when I was experimenting a lot on myself and my friends," he said. "I actually got photographed by Tim Walker for an issue of W magazine. It was a shoot called EastEnders as we all lived in East London. And that got me noticed within the London fashion scene."

creative director givenchy makeup
@thom.walker via Instagram
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Today, Walker is excited to get working on new projects for Givenchy Makeup. He revealed that he had actually landed the gig back in 2020, but was unable to speak about it until now. " I feel like my work has the same DNA as the brand. I’ve always tried to keep an element of simplicity in my work that is timeless," he assured. And while classic looks are great, Walker doesn't forget to include edginess into his ideas. "If I’m doing something super bold, like body painting, I’ve always tried to bend it to be quite simple. I definitely want to take that into the products that we’ll be creating."

When asked about his vision for the company, Walker responded, "To create long-lasting, iconic products that are innovative—clever shades, clever textures. But yet are really timeless. Sustainability is also a big thing for me." Wow, we personally can't wait to see what he comes up with! In the meantime, we'll be stalking his Instagram to see all his amazing looks.

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