Gym Lips: The Latest TikTok Makeup Trend


| LAST UPDATE 05/20/2022

By Lia Thomson
gym lips makeup hack
@makeupxka via Instagram

Ever since we started spending way more hours at home, the makeup habits began to shift. We saw society start to wear less and less makeup and instead opt for a natural "no-makeup" makeup look or, as the influencers like to call it - "clean girl aesthetic." And honesty, we've been loving it! Especially the latest makeup trend that's taking over TikTok. "Gym lips" refers to a lip color so similar to your natural lip that you may as well not have anything on, except that slight color adds a bit of oompf. Here's how to achieve this look.

Makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, also knowns as @makeupxka on Instagram and TikTok, shared a video with her followers explaining how she is able to get a plump and pouty lip all by using two simple products. It's perfect for days that you are headed to the gym (hence the name) or any other occasion where minimal makeup is applied. "It's basically an over-lined lip that I wear to the gym that's really natural, and it's randomly catching on," Sewell explained. "The key is to have a lip liner your color… and you over-line your lips and fill them in. Then, you're going in with a lip treatment… something that's gonna hydrate your lips. And I wear this to the gym — it looks like a little natural, plump lip situation."

gym lips beauty trend
@makeupxka via Instagram
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Her favorite go-to's are liners in a shade closest to her natural lip color, meaning everyone will have a different one. The best way to find your is through good old trial and error. This may be a bit annoying, but trust us, once you find the perfect color, you'll be grateful you went through the process. Lastly, the second step in Sewell's "gym lip" routine is applying either the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask or the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm to give a bit of gloss and hydration. 

@makeupxka let’s bring gym lips to tik tok lmao #gymlips my go to liner is @Kevyn Aucoin in divine or @ABH Cosmetics ♬ original sound - Kelli Anne Sewell

Although some fans loved the idea, others were quick to point out they already knew about it... Of course, overlining your lip isn't a new trend - but the fact that it fits so perfectly with our clean girl look and boasts a catchy name definitely led it to go viral again. "No one said I was reinventing the wheel; I realize a lip line and a lip treatment is not futuristic," Sewell defended herself on TikTok. "But I do think it's a fun name for a very no-makeup makeup over-lined lip that looks like you're wearing no makeup and you just have plump, juicy lips."

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