Hair Glossing: The Latest Haircare Trend


| LAST UPDATE 05/26/2022

By Lia Thomson
shiny hair gloss treatment
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The thing about hair care trends is that they don't usually work for all types of hair. One may be amazing for straight hair, while another is ideal for curly girls. But thankfully, the latest trend in hair care can be beneficial to all types of textures, colors, types, and conditions. Hair glossing is one thing we can all probably add to our beauty routines. Here's everything you need to know about the treatment.

There are two different types of glosses, a tinted one and a clear one. The first is a semi-permanent color that sits directly above the outside layer of the hair since it is made up of larger dye molecules. And the latter (obviously) is the same thing, except it's clear, so there is no color. "A glaze offers a lighter touch with less color deposit," explained colorist extraordinaire and the developer of at-home hair glosses, Josh Wood. The biggest dissimilarity between the two is the color saturation. 

glossy shiny hair care
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So how exactly does this product work in producing shiny and sleek hair? Tinted hair glosses are able to disguise any signs of brittleness or dryness on our hair, thanks to the larger than usual dye molecules that completely coat the hair. "It's like a topcoat for nail varnish. (The molecules) cling to the outside of the hair so when you dry your hair, the color on the outside looks incredibly lustrous and shiny," explained Wood. But to get the full effect, look for glosses that include shea butter and plant oils for extra conditioning benefits. 

Although this treatment works wonders for nearly everyone, those with straighter hair may see its effects more clearly than those with wavy or curly hair. "Curly, wavy, and coily hair types don't have a large surface area for a gloss to reflect as much light," revealed Aveda UK technical and texture educator Leah Hill. "But this doesn't mean the hair isn't healthy. Due to the ingredients of a gloss, wavy, coily, and curly hair will certainly benefit. You'll feel like the hair's been deeply conditioned, and it'll enhance your color." If you are as intrigued as us, you'll probably be happy to hear this can all be achieved from the comfort of your own home. While you can technically get it done at a salon by a professional, there are dozens of products at your local Target to choose from that give similar results. But if you don't wanna shlep all the way there, check out these hair glosses on Amazon

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