Happy New Year! Let's Look Back on Some of 2020's Craziest Makeup Looks

Chloe Becker

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Instagram via @jamescharles

It's a new year, and while 2020 might've been a tough one, it did give us some incredible makeup looks. Here are some of last year's craziest beauty influencer looks that deserve to be remembered.

James Charles, 2020 Makeup
Instagram via @jamescharles

This makeup guru always brings his A-game, but Jame's street art inspired look might be one of his best. "This is one of my fav looks I've ever done, I've always loved abstract graffiti style art!" Charles wrote on Instagram. The colorful palette, dripping paint, and splotches of spraypaint make this one of 2020's best shots.

Jeffree Star, 2020 Makeup
Instagram via @jeffreestar

When Jeffree Star's new palette faced backlash in May, the influencer responded by having his fellow makeup artist, Lipsticknick, transform him "into a grayscale makeup fantasy!" We can't even imagine what went into creating the different shades of grey on Star's body.

Christina Duerr, Influencer Makeup
Instagram via @christina.alexandraa

If you haven't checked out Christina Duerr's Instagram yet, we suggest you do so. This makeup artist's page is filled with wild designs, making it hard to choose just one for this list. Duerr holds true to her account bio, "It's always Halloween here."

Jaime Coburn, Influencer Makeup
Instagram via @jaimecoburn

James Charles wasn't the only one into graffiti in 2020. Beauty influencer Jaime Coburn created this "graffiti skull" design. " "This is a mashup of a couple of looks I've done," he shared on Instagram. Honestly, it appears more like a painting than a photograph of someone's makeup. Unbelievable!

@mua_agapi, craziest 2020 makeup
Instagram via @mua_agapi

Beauty influencer Agapi makes our list with this colorful snake look. "It took me so long to do this look. I wiped it off not joking 4 times because I was not happy with the results," the artist said. Well, the final product is stunning, and we can't take our eyes off of her!