How Head Spas Help You Achieve Hair Goals


| LAST UPDATE 03/21/2023

By Alyssa Williams
head spa beauty treatment
Ivan Samkov via Pexels

Are you tired of typical hair treatments that only address the hair itself? Well, the viral trend of head spas might be exactly what you need to achieve not only healthy hair but a healthy scalp too. Head spas are the newest rage in the beauty world, promising to deeply cleanse your scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and treat hair thinning, pesky dandruff, or oily scalps with natural remedies and essential oils.

The Yukie Natori Salon in New York City is one spot that should be on your bucket list for this exclusive beauty treatment. The owner and stylist Yuki follows the principles of the French hairstylist and brand founder Josiane Laure, who makes all the natural products used in the process. The first step of the process involves assessing the scalp with the help of a microscope, providing insight into which combination of essential oils to use. Then, a light massage of oil is given to control oil on the scalp, increase circulation, and help relax the patient.

hair treatment spa oils
Karolina Grabowska via Pexels
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The second step, and the real magic, begins as the stylist brings you into a private and dimly lit room with a reclining chair, almost like a dentist’s chair. During this step, your hair is shampooed, steamed, and massaged by the stylist, further promoting increased blood circulation and relaxation. After a deep clean, a healing treatment mask is applied to add moisture back into the hair. The session concludes with a blowout, and the effects are nothing short of miraculous.

For those with a well-behaved scalp, trying a head spa is a fun and relaxing experience, but not necessary. However, if you have long-term hair goals, head spas can be a helpful tool after completing four to six treatments. Overall, it can be a relaxing experience and worth trying for an afternoon nap. Not only will your hair appear full, voluminous, and shiny, but also your scalp will look clearer, less pale, and less oily. And, while the treatment itself is only 60 minutes, the afterglow lasts for up to a week, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Head spas are not only the newest trend but also the most relaxing hair treatment that promotes hair growth, a healthy scalp, and a sense of peace throughout your body. So, schedule your appointment today at a head spa nearest you and enjoy this unique beauty treatment for yourself.

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