Here’s Why TikTok Is Going Crazy Over SPF


| LAST UPDATE 12/27/2021

By Georgina White
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When we think about sunscreen from back in our childhood, most of our memories involve a pressurized spray bottle or mom slathering it onto our faces. But today, the vital UV protector has had a total rebirth, and millennials and Gen Z-ers can't get enough of it! Here's why...

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Sure, the kid-friendly options still exist. But SPF has also become a vital step in any skincare routine. And not only that, women are reporting more and more that they even reapply throughout the day! The recent craze can be seen on both TikTok and Instagram, as influencers share their routines intended to smooth skin and, perhaps more importantly: reduce aging. Safe to say, the quest for youthful and firm-looking skin has become a major inspiration for many people's product choices.


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From aiding in the healing of acne scars to fighting fine lines and wrinkles, SPF has become the super product that can do it all. But beauty hacks aren't the only motive behind the product's sudden return in popularity -young adults are also concerned about how sunscreen can help below the surface of the skin. Millennial and Gen-Z users are growing up in a world consumed by bleak statistics about climate change and the ozone layer. And from a young age, we have been painfully aware of the increased power of UV rays and the negative effects it has on our bodies.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, an average of 9,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer every day, with the chances of getting it standing at 1 in 5. With odds like that, it's no surprise that the fight to protect our skin has ramped up significantly in recent years! And while the numbers may not look so good, lucky for us we have tons of available sunscreen options at our disposal to find the perfect fit. Oil-free, vegan, topical, chemical - you name it! So why not take your beauty regiment skin-deep and add sunscreen into the mix?

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