How To Apply Blush Like a Pro


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2023

By Peral Simons
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The TikTok beauty influencers have been forever telling us that blush can transform our faces in several ways. And although we do believe them, we have numerous follow-up questions. For starters, we need to know the best way to apply the makeup product and the tips and tricks to ensure it looks natural. Put simply by makeup artist Sir John; you want your face to look naturally rosy and flushed - as if you "just left SoulCycle." Thankfully, he didn't leave it at that and shared his blush application secrets with us...

For the perfect blush application, a smooth, hydrated face is key. Before you go near that red powder or cream, massage in some moisturizer or hydrating primer to ensure your skin is as hydrated as possible. While makeup artist Naoko Scintu opts for sheet masks, Sir John tends to apply a second layer of moisturizer after the foundation. "The best time to apply blush is when the skin is still wet," he told Vogue. "The extra layer of hydration makes it softer."

Natural Blush Application Tips
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Before applying the blush, it's essential to ensure the shade is right for you. Of course, we want it to add a pop of color to our faces, but we also want to avoid looking like a clown. So, what's the magical recipe for picking the perfect shade? "Use blush shades that are no more than two to three shades darker than your natural [flushed] tone; otherwise, you will find it difficult to blend," said Scintu. If you're looking to add dimension, she suggests going darker on the inner cheeks and gradually lighter outward. Muted shades such as baby or peachy pink will work best with fairer skin, and brighter colors are best suited to darker complexions.

Last but certainly not least, we emphasize the importance of blending. "I like to start in with cream blush on my fingers so you can really feel your cheeks, with an added bonus of creating a natural flush through circulation," Soleimani explained to Vogue. Use a small fluffy brush and move in circles to blend in the edges. Once applied, Soleimani suggests putting concealer on the sides of the nose to diffuse discoloration further. "It will help make you look like you're naturally blushing, as opposed to blush sitting on top of your skin," she explained. If the sunburn blush look is more your thing, apply a dot of blush on the bridge of your nose. Do it right, and no one will ever know you faked it!

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