How and Why To Add Rose Water to Your Daily Routine


| LAST UPDATE 10/20/2022

By Petra Grover
Rose Water Skincare Benefits
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If you have seen rose water popping up on your TikTok, you are not alone. The centuries-old ingredient is now making its round as a viral phenomenon. There are over 97 million views on the hashtag #rosewater. Those who know already know that the benefits and uses of rose water are endless. Here's a refresher on all the different ways you can use rose water and its many benefits.

Here's a bit of background on this amazing product. Rose water is literally created by steaming rose petals in water. How simple! It has been used for centuries, and beyond its cosmetic uses, rose water has been utilized in food, medicine, and religious practices. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, moisturizing, and calming properties, rose water is a useful addition to your daily beauty routine. Also, since the product is made up of only two ingredients - rose petals and water - it is safe for every kind of skin type to use.

Rose Petals Water Benefits
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Here are some of the ways that you can use rose water: toss the toner you have been using and swap it for rose water. It will soothe irritated skin and help hydrate. If you suffer from razor burn, put a few drops of rose water on a cotton pad and place it on the affected area. It will help with the redness and itchiness. The benefits extend past your skin, as well. Use it in your hair to reduce frizziness, promote hair growth, and combat dandruff. If you are simply searching for a way to elevate your bath ritual, pour some rose water in and relax. You will come out smelling of roses, and your skin will enjoy all of its benefits.

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Rose water is a beautiful product with many uses and positive attributes. It makes sense that people have been using it for centuries! Now that you know the beauty world's well-kept secret, how will you be adding rose water to your daily routine?   

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