James Charles Launches New Guyliner with Makeup Tutorial

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Instagram via @jamescharles (2)

Makeup mogul James Charles took to social media yesterday to share news of a new tutorial on his YouTube channel. He released his favorite tips and tricks for, drumroll, please, guyliner! Tune in here to learn about his advice for the perfect winged look.

In the midst of his tutorial, James said, "Makeup is all about expressing yourself and trying new things, and most importantly, making you feel confident." But, according to Charles, the most important part of exploring with makeup is "To have fun while doing it!"

James Charles GuyLiner
Instagram via @jamescharles

Whether you are a first-time makeup-trier or an experienced artist in the realm of color, our advice is to explore and see what feels right. In James' bright purple look, like many other crazy fun experiments he has debuted on his social media platforms last year, he shows exciting examples of playing with color.

James' YouTube channel is full of funny videos of himself and his friends. He even shared a special holiday video of a secret Santa gift exchange with his best friends from the Hype House. Charles doesn't typically share makeup tutorials, but when he does, we love it!

James Charles Guyliner
Instagram via @jamescharles

Charles encouraged viewers to practice going outside of their comfort zones by trying a new look or two, "Whether that may be a more graphic liner or a super simple eyeshadow wing to make you feel beautiful." At the end of the video, James shared that, ringing in 2021, his channel hit 25 million subscribers. We think it's safe to say that this year is looking good for James Charles!