The Key to Healthier & Thicker Hair


| LAST UPDATE 11/13/2022

By Christiana Holland
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Tackling the lengths of our hair can be an everyday struggle for some. The te-dangling knots won't end, and if they do, sometimes it can rip out an unwanted chunk! Ever dreamt of that longer, thicker, and healthier hair? Well, we have the answers from a real expert on achieving your new year hair goals.

Hair loss can arise from several factors. From a decrease in estrogen during pregnancy, sudden changes in stress and hormone levels, hereditary family reasons, and sometimes an effect of Covid-19. According to RACGP, around 49% of women suffer from hair loss. It's not exactly the most pleasant of surprises, so we're here to help. There are many techniques that have been established as high-quality social trends, like scalp oiling, masks, special shampoos, or even supplements. But, that long dreamt-of mane will not appear overnight. Head of product development at Virtue Labs, Debbie Vellozzi, says, "Less is more when it comes to promoting hair growth, but compliance is key." First things first, eat smarter. If you're an avo toast, every morning kind of person, you're in luck. The abundance of omega-3s, protein, and healthy fats in salmon, fruits, nuts, and veggies provides all the nutrients for shiner and healthier hair. 

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If you didn't already know the limit of your wash days, now you do. We hate to tell you, but those natural oils storing grease contribute to more shine. Of course, when you must wash it, be careful when picking out your shampoo and conditioner. Different hair types require specific products, meaning fine and coarse hair products should be in entirely different aisles. Try the Redken High Rise Volume duo to add thickness and shine for finer hair. Not to mention finishing off with a moisturizing and frizz-taming product like Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Conditioner. The rule of thumb to determine which product is best for you is to use a gentle product with more hydration. Remember, start scrubbing from the scalp to promote more blood flow, break the scar tissue, and promote thickness! After stepping out of the shower, brush the hair gently and use the right brush. We recommend round ceramic brushes or boar-bristle brushes to add a natural glow. The next part is a given. Try to resist hot-styling tools. Just like a pre-break-up, temporary satisfaction only leads to damage. If you must pick one up for a special occasion, please remember the heat-protectant spray. Plus, if you're willing to splash the cash on something worthwhile, there's always the highly recommended Dyson Airwrap. 

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Now, there are always those hair supplements you see the 'gram - as well as natural alternatives with effective results! But, we have collected the best routines that can fit into almost everyone's daily lifestyles. Remember, consistency is key!

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