Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her Wedding Beauty Secret To Look “Flawless In Photos”


| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2022

By Lia Thomson
kourteny kardashian makeup wedding
leahdarcymakeup via Instagram

From getting hitched in Vegas to a glamorous wedding in Italy, we have definitely been keeping up with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's many marriage ceremonies. But beyond the relationship, we have obviously also been obsessing over all of the reality stars' outfit choices and makeup looks. Because let's face it, the eldest Kardashian can be the most interesting one to look at. And now, she is finally sharing all of her best-kept secrets about how she looked absolutely stunning in all her wedding photos. Here’s what she revealed.

This past weekend Kourtney shared a Poosh article that included everything her makeup artists did the day Kourtney married Travis. "For Kourt's wedding look, we kept it simple and timeless," makeup artist Leah Darcy said. The look was lightweight but still had coverage, Darcy explained that it was "just enough to look flawless in photos.”

kourtney kardashian travis barker
kourtneykardash via Instagram
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Since the wedding took place on May 22, it was a hot day filled with laughter, drinking, and loads of dancing so, of course, the makeup artist made sure all the products, including "mascara, lipstick, and even brows" were all waterproof so all Kourtney had to worry about was having fun. Darcy shared details on the eye look, "On the eyes, we went a bit smoky in the crease and lighter on the lids, with a touch of liquid liner for a classic look," she continued. "I love using individual lashes because they're almost undetectable and make it easy to layer. For a little more drama, I cut pieces of a strip lash and layered the pieces throughout."

But the preparation started way before the wedding day. "Make sure to do all of your stronger skin treatments (lasers, peels, etc) at least two weeks before your wedding day to allow your skin to heal and purge any impurities or breakouts," Darcy said. "Avoid trying out any new skincare products or treatments close to wedding day, especially if you have sensitive skin." Finally, when the bride sat in her makeup chair, it was time to prep the skin "I like to keep a bucket of ice (made from purified water preferably) and a clean, damp washcloth to help depuff and cool off the skin prior to skin prep," the makeup artist added. "I find this also helps to calm nerves a bit." Check out the Poosh article for even more details on Kourtney's look.

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