Makeup by Mario Debuts Surreal Skin Foundation


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Abby Wall
Makeup By Mario Foundation
Instagram via @mariodedivanovic

When Mario Dedivanovic dropped his cosmetics line back in 2020, Makeup by Mario, we knew it was going to completely change the makeup world. If Dedivanovic does Kim Kardashian's makeup, sign us up. From the light bronzers to creamy blushes and bold shadow palettes, the beauty expert is adding a whole new layer to his collection - foundations.

Fans of Makeup by Mario have obsessively been asking the founder to add foundation to the roster, and finally, our prayers have been answered. This week, the beauty line dropped the Surreal Skin Foundation, a natural and luminous finish foundation that is going to make you throw out that two-year-old foundation sitting in your makeup drawer. "We have a large demographic that has been waiting for complexion from us," Dedivanovic said. "Even when we've teased other products on Instagram, people would comment and ask if it was finally a foundation."

Makeup By Mario Foundation
Instagram via @supermuakat
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Dedivanovic's goal as the company's founder is to rebrand and alter these old makeup misconceptions from the past with a new tale. When the makeup artist released the Skin Enhancer product this year, he focused on changing the heavy contour and chalky bronzers with something a lot lighter that left the skin feeling fresh and clean. His Surreal Skin Foundation is giving the same energy. "I'm really excited about re-educating people about foundation," the Makeup by Mario founder said. "Because a lot of my fans know me from the YouTube days, they still go quite heavy with their makeup. Ninety-five percent of the time, you don't need to cover your skin that much, but it was how we were taught years ago. You can still get your desired look, but you don't need to cover everything. Surreal Skin will introduce them to a lighter formula that still looks glamourous."

The longtime celebrity makeup artist assured his audience that the Surreal Skin Foundation is "non-oxidizing" and has great for full coverage or skin tins, and just melts into the skin. The product is available in 30 different shades at $42, either at Sephora or the Makeup By Mario website. Dedivanovic landed on a breathable and bright finish that is promised to keep the skin moisturized for up to 12 hours and simply make you feel your best! Enjoy!

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