Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day With These Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 08/28/2022

By Peral Simons
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Perfecting your makeup can be enough of a challenge - but keeping it there all day seems almost impossible. Whether you have dry skin and it falls into the lines in your face or oily skin, and it gets shinier by the minute, chances are you're reaching for the touch-ups at multiple points throughout the day. We're all desperately searching for the solution, and while many products promise to provide it, most fall short of the challenge. Appearing on the Clean Beauty School podcast, mindbodygreen's beauty editor, Jamie Schneider, broke down all her top tips for keeping your makeup fresh and in place all day.

"How do you keep your makeup lasting all day and not clumping up or getting oily?" questioned the podcast host, Alexandra Engler, during the audience question segment of their beauty catch-up episode. Schneider emphasized the importance of purchasing a good primer, one that compliments your skin and makeup correctly. "I would invest in a primer, especially if you are oil-prone. This way, the foundation or whatever makeup you use can stick to that, not your skin's natural oils," she explained.

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The beauty market has seen a recent influx of functional primers, which include active ingredients for the first time. Now, while you keep your makeup in place, you can simultaneously help your skin with issues such as oil and blemish control. It's a win-win! Mindbodygreen recommend Exa'a Jump Start Smoothing Primer on the more pricier end and Youthforia's Pregame Primer on the cheaper side.

Foundations and concealers can be tricky, with textures ranging from silky and thin to full, thick coverage. The trick is coordinate the thickness with the skin characteristics. For example, as the eye area moves a lot during the day, Engler recommends applying a thin, flexible concealer that can move easily along with it. A thick concealer here will result in clumps and lines. For anyone with texture issues such as acne scars, a thicker concealer will help to smooth these over. Of course, everyone's skin textures and types are different, so there are no one-size fits all solutions! Sadly, finding the routine for you will require some trial and error. But it will all be worth it in the end!

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