Manes by Mell Is Here to the Curl Rescue


| LAST UPDATE 01/24/2022

By Georgina White
curly hair tutorial youtube
Instagram via @manesbymell

Let's face it - when it's a great hair day, it's a great hair day. But when the frizz takes over and the humidity strikes, sometimes our bouncy curls take the hit. And the solution isn't always clear. But thankfully, there's one YouTube curl guru who's here to take us through it step by step: "your mane girl, Mell."

As Mell put it in her Instagram bio, she's a stylist by trade and entertainer at heart who is taking all her hair wisdom and sharing it with the masses on social media. From tutorials to product reviews, the curly influencer has built a following of nearly one million across YouTube and Instagram of eager-to-learn subscribers who look forward to her content. But what exactly has Mell taught us over the years? Well, let's dive in and see just what the hype is about when it comes to this Canada-based content creator.

viral hair tutorials youtube
Instagram via @manesbymell
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Mell has made it her mission to explain, debunk, and vet any and all hair trends that circulate around the internet. From trying out viral hairstyles to testing out wash-day routines, she has covered nearly every curly hair technique out there. But that's not all - the Gen Z hair master also has the science to back it all. Her videos feature the nitty-gritty explanations about the ingredients in our favorite hair products and why they might be doing the trick or sabotaging our hair day. Plus, as a vegan and someone who struggles with acne, Mell also makes sure to highlight ecological, cruelty-free, and sensitive skin-friendly products as well. Every week, on Texture Tuesday, to be exact, fans can look forward to another info-packed YouTube video where she talks us through the topic of the week. And after hundreds of videos shared already, it doesn't look like she has any plans on slowing down soon!

So, if you're looking to try trimming your hair at home or if you're wanting to elevate your haircare game to the next level - be sure to check out Manes by Mell to dive in to her enormous library of info-packed content!

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