Nail These Manicure Trends This Winter


| LAST UPDATE 11/18/2022

By Peral Simons
Pearl Nails Winter Trend
@ohmynailsnyc via Instagram

There's no denying it any longer; winter has well and truly arrived. But rather than mourn the loss of those long warm days in the sun, we encourage you to embrace the cold from head to toe. You may have already whipped out the sweaters and hot water bottles, but you've likely forgotten one critical step: the winter-themed nails. Here's what's hot for this year's festive season so you can ensure your hands are perfectly in tune with the world around you.

Now mid-November, it's out with the autumnal colors and in with the icy, white, shimmery vibes. The slightly less shiny version of the glazed donut, the soft chrome trend leans towards silver and white tones, channeling full-on winter wonderland. This season's neutral nail colors are also inspired by the seasonal spices and flavorings consumed at this time of year. If in doubt, think of cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, and vanilla in the form of nail color.

Winter Nail Trends Neutral
@tendrehands via Instagram
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If you're looking for a bolder color on your nails, there are plenty of ways to 'winter-fy' those too! Velvet nails can up the nail game of any color. Whether dark green or purple, it's sure to give off the cozy vibe you are looking for at this time of year. On that note, we also introduce the 3D cable knit nail design that is sure to be on every influencer's hand this winter. If you just can't get enough of your favorite cable knit sweater, have your nails match up! It's certainly a conversation starter!

Bring back the Louboutin nail trend this winter by having a peek of glitter on the back side of your nail. For the more sparkle-shy people amongst us, this is the perfect way to add some subtle glitter to your look. Minimalist nail stickers have also seen a rise in popularity in recent weeks, offering a way to personalize your nails easily from the comfort of your home. The fine-lined silver nail art is an effortless yet sleek way to stay on trend. Last but certainly not least is the pearls. Adding a small pearl or two to your nails is a more subtle approach to shimmering with class. What are you waiting for? Screenshot these images now and get your nail artist to work!

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