'Naked Nails' Are TikTok's Latest Obsession for Winter 2023


| LAST UPDATE 11/21/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Naked Nail Trend TikTok
cottonbro studio via Pexels

While the vibrant nail trends of 2023, like the viral 'red nails theory,' have captured the internet's attention, as the year inevitably draws to a close, the latest nail trend on TikTok is taking a more understated perspective. Step aside colored nails; we are keeping our nails naked for the winter of 2023 to 2024.

In fashion, minimalist style has gained momentum, reflective of the popularity of 'quiet luxury.' This 'naked nails' or 'no-nicure' trend has now extended to the beauty industry, with minimalist nail art gaining popularity. Influencers like Alix Earle and Tinx have visited TikTok to share their love for 'naked nails.' And they are not the only ones! Sarah Jessica Parker, our favorite NYC-based writer looking for love, has long preferred bare nails over overpainted. Actress Carey Mulligan, who recently attended the Saltburn premiere, also opted for bare nails. At the same time, high-fashion designer Stella McCartney has long been a supporter of minimalist nails.

Bare Nails Carey Mulligan
Paul Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
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Like any lowkey trend focused on natural beauty, the key is to improve the health of the nail rather than masking it with color. To flaunt bare nails with confidence, it's essential to strengthen and nourish them beforehand. Small additions like incorporating a nail serum into your beauty regimen can significantly enhance the appearance of your nails. A gentle file and buff can be the difference between carrying a whole heap of dead skin and not. Even a simple hand moisturizer can seriously improve your nail quality if you are a little lazy regarding treatments. If you're a sucker for trends like the rest of TikTok, 'naked nails' is a great way to achieve the 'clean girl' look. The aesthetic is about looking effortlessly put together, almost like an off-duty model, and natural nails are a vital part of that.

The 'no-nicure' trend doesn't end with women either; who says boys can't have pretty nails too? Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of one of London's famous nail salons, told Harper Bazaar, "We've seen a big rise in male manicures." She added, "Male grooming doesn't just mean skin and haircare…tidy cuticles and trimmed fingernails are a real confidence booster and shows you've got it together. With celebrities like Harry Styles, Brad Pitt and Drake all opting for manis as part of their beauty regimes - male nail care is definitely on the rise." So go ahead and give 'naked nails' a try this winter!

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