No Better Time Than the Present to Quit Biting Your Nails

Luna Dawson beauty /

With stress and anxiety so often taking over our minds, nail-biting seems like a natural habit, but with a few simple hacks, we'll help you quit. Time to keep your perfectly painted nails intact all summer long!

The Healthy

"The act of bringing your nails to your mouth and biting them provides a sense of relief," explained Dr. Kathleen Rivera, M.D. A helpful tip to stop this urge is to use particularly bitter-tasting nail polish to make biting unpleasant. Some people have found it beneficial to add essential oils to their polish to add a bitter taste.

If this doesn't appeal to you, try filing your nails whenever you feel the need to bite. You can even keep a nail clipper in your desk while you're working, so you clip rather than chew your fingers and irritate the skin.

No matter which trick you find most helpful, it's a great idea to start keeping track of when exactly you bite your nails to determine which emotions you feel when doing so. For instance, if you chew on your nails every time you take an exam, that might indicate you're under a lot of stress, so you now know to find another coping mechanism.