Your Official Guide to 'French Girl Beauty'


| LAST UPDATE 03/08/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Victor VIRGILE / Contributor via Getty Images

From voluminous blowouts to chic outfits, French girls are known for their trendsetting ways. During Paris Fashion Week, we saw models left and right confidently rocking their natural under-eye color. And as it turns out, this is something that French gals have always done. Here's how to get the look.

Hannah Murray, a makeup artist who worked on the people walking the Chloé show this season, explained why she chose to skip applying under-eye concealer on the models. "Too much concealer changes the shape of your face - you lose dimension," she said. "I'm all for French beauty - I think there's a real sexiness in enhancing those gorgeous tones on your eyes." The look was described as "raw, tough, strong" because "they need to look cool." And as we know, French girls always look so cool. 

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Kristy Sparow / Stringer via Getty Images
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Murray wasn't the only makeup artist at Fashion Week to opt for the French look. Those strutting down the runway for Loewe, Meryll Rogge, Anne Isabella, and also the Dior show were seen wearing minimal makeup. Peter Philips, who was in charge of the cosmetics at the Dior show, chose to ditch the concealer so it would match the theme of the collection. The designer of the show,  Maria Grazia Chiuri, wanted to represent a time in the future when women are the ones making the rules about their beauty standards.

Getting this makeup look at home is really simple, rather than adding extra steps into your routine, you can actually take one out! It's all about embracing natural beauty. Every model backstage at the Serres du Parc André Citroën venue received a Tata Harper facial. The aim was to enhance facial features and not just cover them up with a heavy foundation. "For me, healthy skin is the best makeup," Murray revealed. "There are ways of freshening and bringing the face alive with skin-care products - without needing to blank it out." The makeup artist moved to Paris not long ago, and she explained how she adores, "seeing French beauty around me all the time, I'm fascinated by that effortlessness." Check out her Instagram to see more of her effortless makeup looks. 

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