Rihanna's Hot Twist on TikTok's Reverse Cat-Eye Trend


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2021

By Chloe Becker
Rihanna Fenty Beauty Looks
Instagram via @fentybeauty

While we (not so) patiently wait for RiRi to drop new music, we'll make do with what we can get from the queen of our hearts. And her latest beauty tip did not disappoint. But don't take our word for it - keep scrolling to see how Rihanna put her own twist on the reverse cat-eye trend.

Rihanna beauty tutorials, Fenty
Instagram via @badgalriri

Haven't heard of the latest viral beauty look taking over TikTok? We'll fill you in: it's called the reverse cat-eye trend, and it's giving us sexy, mysterious, and a touch of Y2K all in one. Just as the name implies, the makeup look is an upside-down version of the classic winged eyeliner we've come to know and love for the last decade.

Reverse cat-eye tutorial
Instagram via @auriterranova_mua

For the most part, TikTokers use dark eyeliner on their lower lash line. After applying a thick layer, they smudge it for a smokier feel and then finish it off with some dramatic wings upwards. The seductive look is usually completed with tons of mascara or false eyelashes. Take a look at the beauty below for a step-by-step tutorial.


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The #reversecateye hashtag on TikTok has gotten over 80.5 million views - and counting. With Rihanna jumping on the bandwagon, we can only imagine that number will continue climbing up. But, as usual, our Barbados Babe took something gorgeous and made it even better. And by better, we mean badder and sexier - they don't call her Bad Gal RiRi for nothing. So take out your beauty tools and get ready to practice her look because you might just love it for all of your holiday parties.

Reverse cat-eye trend
Instagram via @badgalriri

The Love on the Brain singer took to her Insta Stories to show fans what looks they can create with Fenty Beauty products. Instead of going for a dark aesthetic, Rihanna opted for bright red eyeliner. She applied the pop of color to her lower lash and slightly extended it past the inner corners of her eyes. Then, the Savage X Fenty founder went for less dramatic wings upwards and slightly onto her upper lid. And suddenly, this is the only way that makes sense!

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Rihanna reverse cat-eye
Instagram via @badgalriri

Seriously - go get those Fenty Beauty products out and give it a go. You won't regret it. And while you're at it, give @paintedbyspencer a follow on TikTok - the beauty guru who started this trend!