The Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Famous Locks


| LAST UPDATE 02/14/2023

By Alyssa Williams
jennifer aniston rachel green hair
Jon Kopaloff / Contributor via Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston's hair legacy is legendary. As a beauty icon for over 30 years, her daring chops and cool California vibes have inspired one craze after another - making it the envy of women everywhere! Here's how you can channel her famous locks.

Jennifer Aniston's bronde hair is like the ultimate summertime goal! Like a true Californian girl, she's taken us from brunette to blonder, adding highlights for that sun-kissed vibe. For nearly 3 decades, colorist Michael Canalé has been giving her those golden blonde to honey-brown beachy waves – iconic. "Over time, you can see that I sanded out her hairline, making it brighter to bring out her eyes and warm complexion," he explains. 

jennifer aniston beauty hacks
Evan Agostini/Contributor via Getty Images
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Change up your hair game with the bronde look, he recommends steadily going from natural to honey-toned before taking it all the way. After you've laid down a solid foundation of blonde, "color bathe" is an effective method to add depth and lush dimension. "As you add highlights, you deepen the root," he says of the technique. "It's not so much shadowing, as it is adding a 'glisten' look at the root that goes into the bright ends." He says a gloss treatment, such as Jennifer Aniston's iconic go-to Midnight Blue Signature Gloss, is then necessary to seal in both the color and the shine of the new 'do. 

After cleansing, conditioning is key for Jennifer Aniston's enviable locks. According to celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan it’s important to condition roots-to-ends with products such as Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo or Canalé Soften Conditioner mixed in with the brand's Marula Cream Conidtioner. Not convinced? Think of your hair like you would a face moisturizer - that extra bit of hydration won't make your tresses flat! Also, “a big part of Jennifer’s beauty routine, whether it’s her hair, skin or her body, is staying consistent,” explains McMillan. “She’s consistent about trims, she’s consistent about getting highlights, she’s consistent about facials. She takes care of herself.” It goes without saying that her results are absolutely stunning. Self-care is truly life changing - and we think it's time to be inspired by Jen!

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