Selena Gomez Aims to Build a Community Through Her New Makeup Line

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Selena Gomez is getting ready to launch her very own makeup line, Rare Beauty, with all-natural products that are easy to apply at home. She's given us the inside scoop on the inspiration behind the brand, as well as some of her favorite makeup products.

"There are so many different facets of my life and all of the things I've been a part of are genuinely what comes to me - what comes to my art," explained Gomez. "I think that this is something beyond makeup."

Beyond Makeup Selena Gomez Rare Beauty
Instagram via @selenagomez

Gomez sees this brand as a way of "talking about makeup and the relationship you have [with it]." This is why Rare Beauty's products are absolutely vegan and cruelty-free; Selena's made sure that everything sold in her brand respects the lives of animals.

Selena's made an effort to bring her fans and future users of her products into the creative process and campaigns for Rare Beauty, even encouraging them to share their stories. "I wanted to find a way to make this brand into a community - into a lifestyle that's beyond makeup and showing you how to apply it," Gomez explained.

Building a Community Selena Gomez Rare Beauty
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For all of us trying to master the no-makeup look, Selena's giving us the perfect tools to do so. Just a touch of liquid blush on the cheeks and matte lip cream will brighten up your face in a beautiful and soft way.

"I'm confident in knowing, hopefully, people will try and enjoy, or they'll have different ways of trying it on and having their own fun with it," said Gomez. There's always room for more beauty in the world, especially during this crazy year!