Selena Gomez Tries TikTok Mascara Hack - But Does It Really Work?


| LAST UPDATE 05/15/2022

By Lia Thomson
selena gomez mascara hack
selenagomez via Instagram

Selena Gomez has been posing nonstop on Tiktok and we're loving it! From funny lip-syncing videos to her makeup routine, the actress gives us all the content. Most recently she shared a little mascara hack that had fans going crazy. The comments were filled with people talking about it, "Who went to try the lower eyelashes trick after this?" one person wrote. And honestly, we also wanted to run to our vanity and try it out. But before we get too excited, let's see if really works. Here's what makeup artist Meredith Duxbury had to say bout the makeup hack.

The short clip of Gomez's routine was of course filled with products used from her very own makeup line Rare Beauty. The 29-year-old wrote "my simply quick look," as she started out by mixing two shades of her foundation and applying it to her face. Followed by bronzer, brows, and of course her infamous blush, which she applied directly under the eyes and over the nose. According to the MUA this will be extremely popular. "Under-eye blush is a huge trend right now which I think is perfect for spring. It definitely adds more of a fun, flirty vibe to any makeup look," she explained. Looks like Gomez is up to speed with all the trends!

@selenagomez @rarebeauty ♬ Crazy - Patsy Cline
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Then the ultimate mascara hack came. After applying the product to the top lashes as normal, Gomez took out a pair of tweezers. Rather than directly putting mascara onto her lower lashes, Gomez put some product onto the tweezers and then onto each lower lash, one by one... wow, mind blown!

lower lash mascara hack
strwbrrymrmdbeauty via Instagram

According to Duxbury, the look that this hack gives is totally different than regular old applications. "I think it gives a different and unique twist to a makeup look!" she shared. "It definitely can take more time, but it is so worth it when it’s completed!" Okay, we're totally adding this into our routine. Now our under-eye area won't be left all smudgy and black thanks to the precision the tweezers offer. Gomez is always sharing new tips and tricks, (and also sneak peeks of new Rare beauty products), so we'll definitely be giving her Tiktok a follow.

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