Simple Yet Rejuvenating Face Scrubs That You Can Make at Home

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Everyone deserves some pampering from time to time, but that doesn't mean you have to splurge on an expensive spa day. All you've got to do is mix up some simple ingredients you have lying around the house, sit back, and relax!

DIY Face Scrubs
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Before applying any type of scrub, it's essential to clean your face of any dirt, oil, or makeup. Either use your go-to cleanser or just some warm water if that's what you prefer. The first refreshing face scrub for you to try is made up of grape seed oil, ground almonds, honey, and a couple of drops of rose oil. Warm up the honey, and then mix all of the ingredients together and apply it to your skin.

DIY Face Scrubs
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If you're a coconut lover, then we highly recommend that you try this soothing coconut sugar scrub. Start by combining coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, matcha powder, and honey. Scrub the mixture into your pores for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The benefit of using sugar is that it smooths out your skin without making it too dry.

DIY Face Scrubs
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Another incredible scrub we've got for you is filled with vitamin C, as the main ingredient is kiwi. Peel and mash an entire kiwi, then mix it with brown sugar and a few drops of olive oil. Mix the concoction together, then rub it onto your skin in a circular motion. Once you're finished, remove the scrub with warm water.

DIY Face Scrubs
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The last facial scrub that you can easily make at home is meant to give your skin a beautiful glow and an extra boost of energy. Combine ground coffee, either yogurt or milk (whichever you prefer), and a spoonful of honey. Gently scrub it into your skin for some deep exfoliation.

DIY Face Scrubs
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One of the perks of using ground coffee is its ability to instantly wake up your face while rejuvenating your skin. Try out whatever scrubs appeals to you most, and chances are, you'll feel refreshed and ready to start the day!