Skinny ’90s Brows Are Back & Ready To Rule!


| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2023

By Alyssa Williams
90's eyebrow beauty trends
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

With the ever-evolving beauty world, keeping up with trends can seem like a daunting task. But one iconic look is back to add some glamour and glitz - are you ready to hear it? Someone cue the nostalgia in 3,2,1...

It's official: ultra-thin brows are back, and they've come a long way from being one of the "worst" beauty trends ever. Harkening to the Juicy Couture tracksuits and spiky updos of decades ago, thin eyebrows have resurfaced in recent years as an adventurous - dare we say it – fashionable choice! No longer deemed unnatural or weird, these delicate arches can be seen fronting fashion campaigns and inspiring TikTok trends alike. So don't shy away; skinny goes out on your face too!

Bella Hadid thin eyebrows
SAVIKO / Contributor via Getty Images
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In the roaring twenties, thin brows were all the rage - a sign of sophistication and refinement. But as we moved into more expressive decades like the 80s and 90s, marked by subcultures rejecting mainstream trends, ultra-thin arches became symbolic among underground queer realms for self-expression. And with stars such as Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson endorsing pencil-thin silhouettes on glossy magazine covers or red carpets, this look revolutionized beauty standards at that time. However, it wasn't long before this trend faded away to make room for newer ones! Eyebrows have become the ultimate marker of beauty trends throughout history. Just look back to when Cara Delevingne made thick, bold brows a must-have during the 2010s! This "natural" beauty trend stirred up loads of insecurities for those without full arches - proving that modern standards never really go away, only evolve with time. 

And although beauty trends are constantly changing, the current eyebrow revolution is taking beauty to new heights. From Iris Law's symmetrical slashes and Ariana Grande's blonde strands to Bella Hadid's painted accents, bold brow styling has become a statement-making trend on red carpets and runways alike. Doja Cat isn't far behind either - her constantly morphing arches have won rave reviews online. Sounds like eyebrows are taking the lead! Bold, daring experimentation in brow styling has opened up a whole new world of beauty – it's time for us all to embrace our uniqueness and explore endless possibilities when it comes to defining one of fashion's most iconic features...

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