Don't Forget to Slather on the SPF – Especially This Winter!


| LAST UPDATE 01/10/2023

By Christiana Holland
Sunscreen SPF Dermatologist Tips
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Despite the latest beauty trends, it's always nice to have some sort of expert back up our findings... and our FYP. When it comes down to the best make-up, skincare, and general wellness hacks, we have to break it down to know how to achieve that initial natural glow and avoid skin damage. The answer? UV protection.

Though we might not see the sunshine, that doesn't mean there aren't any surrounding UV rays that are hitting the surface of our skin. We have the tendency to associate suncream with our summer holidays. Why do we think that the sun is only affecting us during these times? The sun never sleeps, and that means we should be more alert to how we are protecting our skin on a daily basis. UV rays have the ability to affect our skin in many ways, from sunburns to sun spots, skin damage, and even skin cancers. Why do all the good things in life have underlying consequences? Thankfully, we can resort to ways that avoid these unwanted effects, and dermatologist Linsdey Zubritsy is guiding us toward a healthier glow.

Sunscreen Winter SPF Dermatologist Tips
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Lindsey, a "board-certified dermatologist, also known as the "Derm Guru," highlights the importance of applying sunscreen to our face every morning. What struck us the most was that even during the winter days, we should be applying it every 2 hours. Don't be fooled by the grey clouds and rain falling from the sky. In fact, when it snows, sunlight can reflect off those snowflakes we hold in the palm of our hands. Ever got a sunburn whilst skiing? Well, this explains that. This doesn't mean we need to lather on the bright white cream evident on our faces, but Zubritsy suggests we use a classic beauty blender to incorporate it with our natural complexion. In a video posted on TikTok on the official Harper's Bazaar page, she explains the recommended SPF 30 Sun Bum Lotion has daily hydration, leaves a radiant glow, protects against EV radiation, and "has a really beautiful tint." So, don't think the sunscreen will affect your daily routine - but if anything, it will only make you shine more. This way, you won't have to worry whilst taking part in your favorite outdoor adventures!

@harpersbazaar Don't let the cold weather and daylight savings time fool you. You need to wear sunscreen during the winter and reapply it every two hours. Just ask @Dr. Lindsey, MD, who explains why you shouldn't let your SPF guard down during the colder months. #wintersunscreen #nowhitecastsunscreen ♬ Storytelling - Adriel

During the colder months, it's way too easy to pack away everything and anything summer. So, as you finish reading this, dig out the SPF and apply just as you like. We would like to thank Lindsey for this insightful information. Here's to healthier and more radiant skin!

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