Spice Up Your Look With Fake Dimples


| LAST UPDATE 10/11/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Jennifer Garner Dimples Create
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The internet is a treasure trove of beauty and makeup tips, but some are too clever to ignore. Natural dimples are caused by a shorter-than-usual zygomaticus major muscle, which connects the corners of the mouth to the cheekbones. When this muscle contracts, it creates a slight indentation in the cheek, which we see as a dimple. While natural dimples are a genetic trait, there are a few ways to mimic them using makeup. The fake dimple hack is a viral makeup trend that is popping up all over our social media pages. This experimental technique promises to give you an adorable dimpled smile without needing fundamental changes to your face.

The fake dimple hack is a simple yet surprisingly effective makeup technique. All you need to create the illusion of dimples is a matte contour shade, a blending brush, and a makeup sponge (optional). The results are temporary but a great way to enhance your smile without surgery. Draw two small curved lines on your cheeks below your natural smile line, and blend them well. You can also use a highlighter to add a touch of sheen to the dimples' center, bringing more attention to them under good lighting. If you want them to last the whole day or night, apply a setting spray, and the dimple should remain intact.

Gabrielle Union Natural Dimples
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Another way to mimic natural dimples is to use a silicone dimple maker. These devices create suction on the cheek, pulling the skin up and creating a slight indentation. Dimple makers are available in several sizes and shapes, so choosing the one that best suits your facial features is no problem.

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The dimple hack is a simple and effective way to create the illusion of dimples. With the right products, careful blending, and patience, you can achieve a natural-looking finish that will enrich your smile and facial attributes. Fake dimples are a fun and temporary way to experiment with a new look. They're perfect for special occasions, social media selfies, or simply when you want to add a little extra something to your everyday makeup look.

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