Your Guide to a Summer Glow From Rihanna's Makeup Artist


| LAST UPDATE 08/15/2023

By Petra Grover
Priscilla Ono Makeup Tips
@priscillaono via Instagram

All year long, everyone waits for summer, but then when it gets here, we realize we have no idea what to do with our makeup! How do we still achieve flawless skin during the hot months of the year? Luckily, Priscilla Ono, the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, has all the tips and tricks.

Priscilla Ono has been a leading expert in the beauty world for her iconic looks. She has done the makeup for bad gal RiRi, of course, Megan Thee Stallion, Kali Uchis, and Latto. To say the least, Ono definitely knows what she's doing. So, who better to turn to for advice about how to create the perfect summer look? Ono believes that moisturizing is the key to achieving a flawless summer look. She said, "I think moisturizing is key. A lot of people think, 'Oh, I don't want to over moisturize because I'm gonna be oily throughout the day.' But actually, if you deprive your skin of moisture, your skin kind of reacts and goes crazy and produces even more oil. So you definitely want to make sure you moisturize really well."

Rihanna Makeup Aritst Fenty
@priscillaono via Instagram
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While moisturizing is a key component to having a great base for makeup, Ono also told Byrdie about one other recommendation for that perfect summer look. Switch out your glowy foundation! Although glowy makeup is all the rage right now, Ono suggests using a soft and velvety foundation. She told the media outlet, "They don't have to be true matte, because nobody wants to look dry." Amen! She continued to explain, "When the sun hits your face, if you just see this cake makeup, like, that's not summery skin. So you want to make sure that the skin isn't super matte – you want a soft matte, a velvet matte, something that still looks fresh. But don't go for that super glow foundation, because throughout the day, you're going to slip and slide everywhere." She also suggested using the Secret Weightless Dry Spray throughout the day.

Priscilla Ono knows what she's talking about if she's doing Rihanna's makeup. Now, can she help us with our upcoming fall looks, too?!

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