Everything You Need to Know About Sonic Massages


| LAST UPDATE 12/06/2021

By Lia Thomson
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The latest health trend, sonic massages, has recently become a big hit in the wellness world. The sound therapy practice uses sound frequency to heal the body and decrease stress. Here's how it works.

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From yoga retreats to meditation practice and breathwork, there are many different ways to unwind from the constant influx of senses. And in today's world, there's a lot of continuous stimulation: our eyes stare at a screen all day, and our ears take in every sound from Netflix, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc. We unknowingly consume energy from many different sources. Now, some are turning to sound healing to balance out this sensory overload. The practice has been scientifically proven to create similar effects as mediation and increase endorphins while decreasing anxiety.

"We are designed to receive, create and heal with sounds," explained one of the most well-known sound therapists, Cheryl "Cherub'' Sanson. "When you're in the womb, sound is the first sensation we receive. And the first sound we respond to is the rhythm of our mother's heartbeat." Sonic massages use a technique of spirituality, somewhere along the lines of reiki and meditation. Crystal bowls are used to create a specific frequency that aligns with the human ear. Gongs are brought in, too, as well as tuning forks.

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Urban areas are usually at a 60-hertz vibration, while the natural human body is at a 7.8-hertz frequency. Cherub explained, "Human beings are naturally in beta phase most of the time." So that's why a sonic massage helps her clients fall into a frequency known as theta, commonly known as the relaxing sound wave. "Theta is when you are primed to receive ideas, so it's also good for creativity," she added. An Elle reporter visited the London-based sound healer and described the experience as making her "deliciously dazed, as though tucked up in a blanket of noise."

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Sonic massages are meant to be easier than meditating because instead of doing the work yourself, you get to comfortably lay and take in the sounds yet get the same results as meditating. This treatment can help the body, mind, and soul restore their natural rhythm and create a relaxing space.

To learn more about the practice, check out Cherub's website.