TikTok's Brow Freeze Is Taking the Online World by Storm


| LAST UPDATE 12/23/2022

By Christiana Holland
tiktok brow freeze beauty trend
@shea_mua via Instagram

Only anyone and everyone know if you're one to be on top of the latest beauty trends, then they've most likely been trialed and tested. Particularly for eyebrow hacks, they've gone through generations. We've been through thick and thin to layered and laminated. But we might finally have the answer we've all been waiting for.

Brow trends have highlighted the beauty market over the years, but 2022 has seen the extent of it. From pin-straight archless brows to 90s thin or full and fluffy. Let's also not let the bleached-brow bombshells slide that dominated couture fashion weeks, specifically the faces of Kendall Jenner and Julia Fox. The beauty of brows is that they really are the starting point when creating the full canvas. If you've got a good set of brows, light mascara, and a soft-touch foundation, you're bound to become a muse for the au-natural clean girl aesthetic. Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics have particularly mastered the brow game throughout the years. From its waterproof Dipbrow product to the Brow Wiz pencil, they're known to create products in response to the market. Now, its latest brow invention is going viral.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze
@makeup.by.laur via Instagram
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If you've made your way over to Beauty-Tok, then you're FYP might be everything Anastasia Beverly Hills. Their newest brow breakthrough, Brow Freeze, is taking over the world by storm. After just one view, you're bound to be hooked on the current eye-catching 50% off deal. The transparent wax is not only appealing to the eye once it's applied, but the packaging is enough to have anyone put it in their checkout basket. This product enhances every single hair, and with a single swoosh upwards, they'll be stuck into place day and night. Similar to brow lamination, without salon service, the ABH Brow Freeze has guaranteed an equal experience. To apply, take a 'spoolie' applicator and glide it across the wax to accumulate enough for brows according to preference. Feel free to remove any excess gel on the lid, and once coated to perfection, lightly brush the brows into the preferred formation.

@anastasiabeverlyhills Did you know that our famous Brow Freeze AND applicator are 50% OFF everywhere that ABH is sold?! 😮‍💨🛍️ STOCK UP BEFORE THIS SALE ENDS‼️@whitneykshepherd #brows #beauty #browfreeze ♬ original sound - ABH Cosmetics

Forget those wispy edges and ridged hair follicles. TikTok users who have tried the product have sworn by it, producing the most flawless set of brows they've ever seen. So, what are you waiting for? Produce freeze-frame brows at a discounted price, available at Nordstrom!

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