Latest TikTok “Hack” Claims To Shrink Your Nose


| LAST UPDATE 07/15/2022

By Lia Thomson
tiktok hack nose contour
@loren.z0 via Instagram

Surprise, surprise, TikTokers have come up with a new makeup hack, except this one promises to "literally shrink" your nose! And all that you need to get it done is a contour makeup product, a concealer, and a brush. So how does this viral hack exactly work? Let's find out.

User @loren.hey1 first shared the hack online, and since then, many other users have been obsessed. One person on the social media app even deut-ed the OG video and told her followers, "If you're not contouring your nose using that little technique at the end you are missing out, I do this every single day, it literally shrinks your nose." Then she goes on to explain how to get the look.

nose contour makeup hack
@makeupbyalissiac via Instagram
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Luckily, you don't need to be a professional to master this (phew!). "I just do that, here's the thing, this doesn't need to be perfect because it's going to get cleaned up, anyways. So just buff that out, it doesn't need to be perfect, blend it in," Alissia explained. She first begins by contouring the nose down the sides and one horizontal line at the bottom, like usual. The mega viral hack comes in with the concealer. "Now take a light shade of concealer and apply that to the sides of your nose, I'm also gonna go under my eyes like that, take it all the way down to like my nostril," she continued with the tutorial. "Ok this is where the magic happens: lightly tap that and blend it outwards, she uses her fingers, but I like using the brush, lightly tap off any harsh lines, I go over my whole nose very lightly, a little bake and snatched."

@makeupbyalissiac Add this step to your nose contour, it literally shrinks your nose in seconds!! @loren.hey1 #BeautyHacks #BeautyReview #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - ALISSIA

We all know that contouring makes the area it's on look smaller - but the new technique of adding concealer to the outside of it just makes the nose looks 10x smaller because the light shade brings out the shadows. It didn't take long before Alissia's video reached thousands of people. By now, it's been liked over 600,000 times! Make sure you check out Alissia's TikTok for more amazing makeup tips and tricks - we know we for sure will! 

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