TikTok Is Obsessed With the Scandinavian Hairline


| LAST UPDATE 09/06/2023

By Amelia Taylor
TikTok beauty trend viral
@beautyby.marika via Instagram

Just when you thought we have enough TikTok trends to last us until the next millennium, another one pops out with veracity and makes us wonder: Maybe I should give this one a go? The trend in question is a little more permanent than latte makeup or thick headbands. The fairer skin girlies are going to their favorite hairdressers and asking for a 'Scandinavian hairline.' Here's what that means.

Rather than asking for a regular old balayage or a full bleach blonde head of hair if you're brave, some blonde wannabees have figured out how to feel more naturally blonde without destroying their entire head. Shortened to the 'Scandi hairline' in some circles, it involves taking the baby hairs surrounding the forehead and bleaching them an ashy blonde. The dying technique creates the impression that the varying sizes of baby hairs are naturally blonde. Some people liken the hairstyle to having a halo around their head, making them feel like a Nordic goddess. Talk about visceral hairstyles. However, it's called the 'Scandinavian hairline' for a reason; some people just want to feel like natural Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian blondes and are willing to try almost anything to get it. 

Scandinavian Hairline TikTok trend
@haleys.salon via Instagram
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The Scandi hair reminds us of 'money piece' hair, which made its rounds back in 2021. The 'money piece' trend involved bleaching or dying the front pieces of hair that surround the face. The movement has captured people's attention, with around 150 million views on TikTok videos with the associated hashtag. One early video of the trendy hairstyle, posted in late July, has gathered 22 million views and 616 thousand likes. The numbers speak for themselves, gals. 

@amelia.liana Scandinavium hairline trend brunette edition #scandinavianhairline #scandihairline #scandihair #trendinghairstyle #hairtransformation #brunettetoblonde ♬ original sound - Amelia Liana

People online are divided about the trend, with some praising its simplicity and others concerned that bleaching baby hairs could permanently damage hair. Hairdresser Kira Hellsten, an actual real-life Scandinavian, told the Evening Standard, "One size fits all is not a thing when it comes to hair because everybody's hair is different. The Scandi hairline trend is often done on women who have very fair hair already, so it suits their hair type." Are we still allowed to try it?

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